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Pinpoint Your Purpose.


PYP Pathway.

A brief reminder on some of the key features of the P.Y.P Pathway.

Deep Exploration.

Beginning to reveal the unique gift you possess and the impact it’s designed to have on others.


Lifetime access to online personal dashboard and learning resources.

Personal Facilitator.

Certified expert one-on-one guidance through every stage of the process.

Tailored Pace.

Control the pace of the stages to suit commitments and working style.


An encouraging community and workshops to support during and after the process.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pinpoint Your Purpose.

The process is broken down into manageable steps that will work with anyone’s calendar as long as you are inspired to work closely alongside your qualified PYP Facilitator. The segments will range in time from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Experience has shown us the discovery process itself to require an investment of time of between five and six hours. Please keep in mind, this does not include the subsequent follow-up calls with your Facilitator to support you in living your newly articulated and pinpointed purpose.

This is a great time to be reminded of our passion and desire to support you in not just pinpointing your purpose, but be a part of helping you to live it.

For those who:

  • Desire to know how to bring meaning into every area of their life.
  • Are in search of clarity of who they are called to be beyond what they “do.”
  • Want to confidently know the unique gifts and contributions each of us possess.
    Want to confidently understand and articulate the impact they are uniquely designed to make in the world… for good.
  • Want to understand their personal recipe for a fulfilled life.
  • Yearning to feel a positive connection to what they’re doing and make a genuine impact.
  • Are in search of the North Star that guides the decisions we each make constantly.
  • Are open-minded but want something that is structured. A structure they can believe in. A framework they can be confident in. From which they can build a sturdy ark to navigate through the sea of difficult life decisions.

As a result of completing this programme the benefit will be to resolve the above and uncover the answers to:

  • Who am I called to be at my authentic and natural best?
  • How am I best called to respond to any circumstance in my life?
  • Where do I belong?
  • What is unique about me that uniquely positions me to inspire others?
  • What specifically about who I choose to be will ensure a fulfilled life?
With a complete understanding of our purpose in life, you are now in a position to create a fulfilling life moving forward. This is accomplished by revealing and accurately articulating what means the most to you at your core, to definitively determine the pathway for the fulfilling life you are aiming for, unconsciously or consciously. Remember, a life with purpose isn’t something attainable somewhere else. You have a purpose, and now you get to bring that purpose to life.

You will be sent your login details for your personalised learning platform dashboard, where you will see details about your Facilitator and a welcome video outlining your next steps.

From there you will book in your calls with your PYP Facilitator and your programme will begin!

You will also receive details to obtain access to the Tolado App, where your community of like-minded individuals are waiting to support you on your journey with PYP.

Read more about each stage of the process here.

Our trained PYP Facilitators are there to guide you through each stage of the program, both during scheduled calls and in between via email. Experience has revealed to us that most of us are so close to our purpose, we are unable to see and articulate it clearly. Your Facilitator is trained to selflessly actively listen to every word spoken and to deeply understand you at the deepest level.

To be a PYP Facilitator is to lead you through your own past experiences, by holding a safe and confidential space of benevolence and non-judgment. This allows you to share the parts of yourself that begin to reveal the building blocks of your purpose statement.

To be a PYP Facilitator is to leave behind their own judgements so that they may be a clear mirror. To hear and reflect accurately so you have a trusted and powerful partner throughout this deep exploration into uncovering who you truly are, why you are, and the ability to succinctly articulate your true calling.

A Few Words.

From individuals that have been impacted by the PYP experience.

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Got questions? We're here to help.

We realize unique and personal questions often arise when considering such an endeavor. Please reach out if there’s anything you’d like to discuss. We do our best to respond in 1-2 business days.

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